I love the last guy who booked me as his London Escorts

We never know when or where we find our great love. But most of us are excited to meet them and look forward to our life with them. Love gives us a different feeling and excitement. Many of us have been in love and said one thing; love becomes our source of strength and power.

If you have said that your life is a mess, I think my life could be a mess two point five. All my life, I have struggled so much to live and to make our life better. I still can remember how happy and whole our family. My parents loved each other so much and spared time to date. Our life before is comfortable and happy; my parents have built a business for us. We have many maids to assists all our complains and commands. I am a social type of lady and went to prestigious school. I am picky to my friends and what group to belong. I hate messy and nasty people; it’s like “yuck, don’t touch me.” I presumed myself like the highest in school, and all boys are my pets. Many men are chasing with me, and I don’t care about them. Sometimes, I play a guy who has a massive crush on me and makes him follow everything that has I said. I love to bully people, especially to those poor and jerk. I like to hurt and abused kindness. I don’t pity anyone, and I will do what I want to do. I love shaming people publicly. But all of those, are now turning to me. I think this is my karma in my life that I never expected to happen. Maybe it’s true, you will always pay a debt, and you can never escape from it. When my father is sick and ill, our business started to fall since no one doesn’t know how to run with it and mom is very busy looking after my father. Years passed, my dad has died because of his illness, and it becomes more painful when all of our wealth vanished too. My mother has started to sell our properties and vehicles, but still all consumed to pay our debts. Our living becomes miserable, and we are all new about it.

I started to work as a Cheap London escorts to help our family. The wage is fair and slowly earning back our life. I have encountered many clients, but all of them are not my type. Some have tried to court me, but I rejected. The last guy was different; he is handsome and gentleman. I love his perspective on life and goals. From that moment, I love the last guy who booked me as his London Escorts.

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